100% of all donated resources bring aid directly to those in need

  • Through donations to Tsering's Fund: we are able to fund the education, room and board, uniform and books for a Nepali girl who would otherwise have no chance to receive such an opportunity.

  • Tsering's Fund meets some of the world's poorest people, right where they live. It is locally overseen, and there is no overhead, no graft, no waste. Needy families are lifted up to new lives and hopes, for generations.

  • Elderly Care and Medical Assistance: while the primary focus of Tsering's Fund is educating girls for the future, we cannot ignore the other needs in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, so we offer housing and care for the abandoned elderly in need.

  • Since the devastating earthquakes on April 25 and May 12, Tsering’s Fund has been active on the ground in Nepal bringing relief to several areas of the country. Our work has concentrated on three villages in different areas of northeastern Nepal: Dhalatkhot in the Sindupalchock Region northeast of Kathmandu, Chyangba in the Solokhumbu Region approximately 200 miles east of the capital, and Baluwa, a village just outside the sprawling city. We were able to provide the following supplies with Tsering’s Fund donations during our relief trip in May:

    • Numerous large canvas tents for temporary use as medical clinics and classrooms

    • 8 tons of rice and lentils delivered to several villages and local monasteries.

    • Several hundred tarps for use as temporary shelters

    • Metal roofing material for 100 shelters

    • Basic kitchen supplies for every family in Dhakalkhot

    • Blankets and sheets for two entire villages

    • Furniture for use by displaced refugees in camps in Kathmandu

    • Fresh water tanks for temporary medical clinics, refugee camps as well as local monasteries

    • Refrigerator to be used in refugee camp for food and medicine storage

    • Solar lighting systems for medical clinic

    • Clothing, shoes, medical supplies, mosquito nets and educational materials for Bal Madir Orphanage

    • Water purification equipment and supplies for several villages

    • Personal care and hygiene products for hundreds of displaced survivors of the Langtang Village avalanche